About Data4America

We're a non-profit, educational initiative bringing data science and data visualization to the understanding of politics.

1/ We bring together some of the brightest in the data science, government, and technology communities to serve the non-profit sector: http://data4america.org/team

2/ We publish Lifemap, history in 100 characters or less: http://lifemap.io

3/ We publish user-generated policy stories: http://test.data4america.org/basic-income/

4/ We crowdsource, edit, and publish data powered stories: https://data4america.org/geography-american-jobs/

5/ We host Unplugged, a podcast exploring the intersection of government, data, technology, and the future: https://data4america.org/unplugged/

6/ We host Data4America LIVE, an event series bringing together interesting people with interesting ideas to explore the future: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-future-of-encryption-housing-and-regulation-by-data4america-lincoln-tickets-24882458102

7/ We curate and promote open government data sets: https://twitter.com/data4america/status/659145577301585920

8/ We open source some of data sets underneath our published stories: https://datahub.io/dataset/where-are-the-jobs

9/ We open source the code bases underneath our published data models: https://github.com/Data4America/basic-income-basic-job

10/ We open source the recipe for how the data science in our published stories works: https://github.com/Data4America/jobmaps

11/ We enable the private sector to sponsor policy ideas so our curation and editorial board engines have a steady stream of unique content to publish: https://data4america.org/issues/

12/ We experiment with many ideas. Some work, some don’t; we double down on the one’s that do.

Our Team

Chris McCoy

Founder · Executive Director

CEO @Footprint. Inventor @YourSports. Co-Founder @I Love Baseball Foundation. Former elected National President @DECA.org. @Univ of Washington ‘06 ‘06.

Renee Diresta

Board of Directors

Current biz dev @Haven. Former VC @O'Reilly. Former trader @Jane Street. Helped sponsor and provide data science to the SB277 bill signed by the CA governor.

Garrett Johnson

Board of Directors

Co-founder of YCombinator-backed @SendHub, Co-founder of the non-profit @Lincoln Initiative, helped architect @Startup Visa Act, Professional staff member @U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Rhodes Scholar @Oxford, 2006 NCAA Indoor and Outdoor Shot Put Championship @Florida State

Abhi Nemani

Board of Directors

Board @OpenGov Foundation, First-ever Chief Data Officer @City of Los Angeles, Co-Founder @CodeforAmerica

Nate Lubin

Board of Directors

Former Director of the Office of Digital Strategy at the White House and Director of Digital Marketing at Obama for America. Political Science @Harvard.

Kim-Mai Cutler

Board of Directors

Technology Journalist, TechCrunch, public policy and tech wonk

Craig Montuori

Board of Directors

Partner @Venture Politics, Executive Director @Global EIR Coalition, Engineering & Applied Science (Aerospace) @Caltech. Craig fixes visa problems for founders.

Patrick Ruffini

Board of Directors

Co-Founder/Partner @EchelonInsights & Founder @engagedc

Antone Johnson

Board of Directors

Startup lawyer @Bottom Line Law Group, former VP Counsel @eHarmony, Original Counsel @MySpace, Guest Contributor @TechCrunch, @WSJ, @Forbes

Ceslee Montgomery

Editorial Board

Data Scientist @Pebble. Affiliate @DataGuild + engagedIN. @Stanford ‘14.

Benjamin Wellington

Editorial Board

Open Data Story Teller @IQuantNY. Teach @PrattInstitute. Contributor @NewYorker. Analyst @twosigma. Ph.D. in NLP from NYU.

Horace Dediu

Editorial Board

Founder @Asymco.com. Fellow @Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation. Host @The Critical Path podcast.

Jessica Kirkpatrick

Editorial Board

Astrophysicist turned Data Scientist @Hired_HQ. Formerly @Chegg, @InstaEDU, @Yammer & @Microsoft. Blogger @AAS_Women & @AstroBetter.

Nicole Alexander

Editorial Board

Founder @Promoteleadership, Major @USArmy, UW Husky alumni, Working Mom and believer in the power of collaboration and networks to attack complex problems

Abe Stanway

Editorial Board

Data scientist @McKinsey. Previously data @Etsy, founder @Hackerleague

Robert Manduca

Editorial Board

Sociology PhD student @Harvard. Recent alum @MITdusp. Former fellow @DSSG.

Jesse Thomas

Editorial Board

VP of Product @Crowdpac. @BarackObama alumn 2008/2012, Former Digital Director @NextGenClimate and Deputy Director of Interactive @USAID.

Bert Kaufman

Editorial Board

Former Senior Advisor @CommerceGov; Co-Founder @BusinessForward; Founding Board Member @PressPassMentor

Tatsiana Maskalevich

Editorial Board

Data Science @Stitch Fix, Statistics @Foothill, Speaker, enjoy taking data from numbers to stories.

Jay Wacker

Editorial Board

Ontology Architect @Quora. Consulting Physics Professor @Stanford.

David Chudzicki

Editorial Board

Data Scientist & Software Engineer @Kaggle.

Tess Cheatle

Editorial Board

Digital advertising and analytics @Amazon. Formerly @Microsoft & @POSSIBLE. Data enthusiast. Pizza connoisseur.

Elissa Redmiles

Editorial Board

Ph.D. Student in Computer Science @University of Maryland. Former Data Science for Social Good Fellow @UChicago; Former Marketing Manager @IBM. Founder of 501©(3) org. The Baby Blanket Project.

Zhan Li

Editorial Board

Strategic foresight and narrative specialist; Ph.D., Organizational Communication (USC), S.M. Media Studies (MIT); Board Director, World Future Society.

Jeremy Scheff

Editorial Board

Data scientist @Covance. Founder @basketball_gm. @RutgersU Ph.D Biomedical Engineering ‘13.

Charles Belle

Editorial Board

PolicyHacker & Raumdeuter, Founder @StartupPolicy Work w/startups+ .Gov to support innovation NonRez Fellow @StanfordCIS & @CTSPBerkeley http://GovDex.org

Ganesh Iyer

Editorial Board

Analytics @Stubhub. Formerly consultant @MuSigma. Stathead. Avid learner. Soccer and cricket fan.

Andrew Trabulsi

Editorial Board

Author  @Warlords, Inc., Writer@ The Economist Group, Consultant @Institute for the Future

Waylin Ross

Editorial Board

Founder @ParaLobby.com. Economics professor @NVCC. Director of Advocacy & Legislative Affairs @NationalUrbanLeagueYP.

Sam Drzymala

Editorial Board

Digital Director for @CoryBooker. Formerly Obama 08, @ClaireCMC, @American_Bridge. Helps nurture and grow powerful communities.

Christopher Nicholson

Editorial Board

Partner @Venture Politics.


Blake Masters

Technology Advisor

Co-Author of @Zero To One book with Peter Thiel. Co-founded @Judicata. @Stanford Law ‘12. @Stanford ‘08.

Cyan Banister

Technology Advisor

CEO @Zivity, Co-Founder @Signal Media Project, Angel Investor, Philanthropist.

Ramez Naam

Science Advisor

Author @Nexus trilogy. Author @The Infinite Resource: The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet. Teacher @Singularity U. Energy innovation advocate.

Tim Urban

Media Advisor

Co-founder and writer/illustrator at @waitbutwhy

Theron Tingstad


Biz dev @Green Sheep Water. @University of Chicago Booth School of Business ‘16. @Harvard Kennedy School ‘14. Entrepreneur. Airborne Ranger. All-American boxer.

Frank Tsai

Finance Advisor

CFO Partner of FLG Partners. Cofounder @Community Bank of the Bay. CFO roles @Sundance Institute, @United Way Silicon Valley, @Institute for the Future, @California Academy of Sciences, @Fair Trade USA, @Feed The Hunger Foundation

Seth Kaddish

 Data Viz Advisor

Data scientist @Chegg. Planetary geoscience Ph.D. Founder of @VizualStatistix. Mod for /r/dataisbeautiful. Dataviz contributor to @WIRED.

Kyle Wiley

Development Advisor

Development Officer @Heritage. @CKInstitute Koch Associate Alumni. @DallasYR Vice President. @VanguardPAC Member/Development

Britt Crawford

Data + Analytics Advisor

Using analytics to make college more affordable @rafter.com. Reformed programmer.

Scott Adelson

Media Advisor

Award-winning communicator @Adelson & Associates, Co-Founder/CGO @Flypside, Co-Founder/President @Signal Media Project, @Columnist, EcoSalon.


Chris McCoy

Executive Director

CEO @Footprint. Inventor @YourSports. Co-Founder @I Love Baseball Foundation. Former elected National President @DECA.org. @Univ of Washington ‘06 ‘06.

Zhan Li

Editorial Director

Strategic foresight and narrative specialist; Ph.D., Organizational Communication (USC), S.M. Media Studies (MIT); Board Director, World Future Society.

Jeremy Scheff


Data scientist @Covance. Founder @basketball_gm. @RutgersU Ph.D Biomedical Engineering ‘13.

Gina Cooper

Strategic Events

Founder, advises startups @CooperStrategies. Chief Strategic Relationships @CoreDriven. Advisor @CivicMakers. Board, founder @NetrootsNation.

Susan Gentz


Co-Founder of ParaLobby, LLC. University of Northern Iowa Alum, Political Communications. Former Capitol Hill and state leg staffer.

Shreyas Chandrashekaran

VP of Competitions @HarkerDECA, Student @TheHarkerSchool, Top 100 U16 @USATableTennis, Researcher @HarkerLabs

Christopher Belsky


Attorney, Data/Policy analyst. Formerly @YouTube Copyright and @Bernie2016. Policy wonk, film/TV geek, sports fan, outdoors enthusiast.

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